H1 2018 Exits Report
IVC Research Center is Israel’s most comprehensive high-tech related online data, insights and analysis provider since 1997. 

In this report you will find:

58 exit deals in H1/2018 continue the downtrend in the number of
deals since 2015.
IT and Life Science exits captured the largest share in terms of number of exits in H1/2018. Life Sciences exits' share in the total number of exits soared to 21% compared to 6% in H1/2014.
The average exits multiple (Return on the money that was invested in average in the companies that made an Exit during this period), when mega exits are excluded, declined in H1/2018, setting on 3.05 compared to 5.4 in 2014. 
The report summarizes exits of Israeli high-tech companies in merger & acquisition deals and initial public offerings, as well as buyouts performed by private equity and financial investors in Israeli high-tech companies between
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