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IVC’s powerful online discovery capabilities are critical to identifying the market leaders and emerging technologies that will compliment and promote Samsung's product needs. It helps us expedite screening and focus on our investment milestones.

David (Dede) Goldschmidt
Managing Director, Head of Venture Investments
Samsung Semiconductor Israel R&D Center Ltd
IVC’s profound understanding of market trends, emerging technologies and its deals and exits tracking enables us to serve as a proactive advisor on related valuations and deals. This is paramount to accessing the information we need to complement our legal services. 

Alon Sahar
Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices
IVC is an indispensable source for lead generation. Through IVC, we gain an in-depth view of companies across multiple parameters and the tools to identify and instantly reach potential future clients.

Keren Dahan
Director of Strategic Growth Markets
Ernst & Young (E&Y) Israel

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